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The aim of the Historical Arms & Military Society (HAMST) is to preserve and promote all the aspects of historical arms, militaria of any kind and military history. The Society is not a paramilitary organization and in no way glorifies or supports the concepts of war. It has round 100 members and is actively involved in the community, reliving military history through, re-enactments, displays and commemoration events to  ensure the military sacrifice and history of our Australian forces are never forgotten.

The society promotes the lawful interest of Military Medals, Uniforms, Vehicles, Ammunition, Bayonets, Artillery, Swords, Helmets, Headware, Knives and War Souvenirs. It has an active shooting club which encourages the responsible ownership and safe handling of firearms to be used on approved ranges.  

Meetings are held at the Glenorchy HAMST clubrooms 322 Main Road, Glenorchy (opposite Glenorchy Police Station) 7.00 - 9pm, (clubrooms open at 6pm) the last Friday of each month. Meetings include a variety of guest speakers who give in-depth presentations of our military history for us to all enjoy.

If you have have an interest in preserving our military history.....  why not join HAMST ?


Come and join us as we explore and relive your military history. We would love to see you.

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$70 per year


HAMST - works with, recommends and supports the following                                                      Tasmanian Military groups : 

            Defence Transport Heritage Tasmania

                 Huon Combined Shooting Club

                             Hobart Legacy

                Northern Light Horse & Nurses Group

                 Arms Collectors Guild Tasmania

                  Military Collectors of Tasmania

                                Kingston RSL

                               South Arm RSL

           Australian Cartridge Collectors Association

                Tasmanian Light Horse Association

                    1804 First Settlers Association

                               Salvation Army


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