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HAMST Military Model Making Group



Vince Merlo 0477505900   

Gary Kean 0400803636    


Sam Carmichael  0418142636                           

The military model making sub-group of HAMST has been created to assist those with the passion for making, building, creating and researching all aspects of military models. Within HAMST we have a number of passionate model builders who spend many enjoyable hours pursuing this interest and hobby.  The HAMST committee fully supports these members and a sub-group has now been created. If you have a similar interest please don't hesitate to contact Sam, Vinny or Garry, who I'm sure will be happy to chat with you about this  group.

In the future, we plan to have specific model making days at the clubrooms where you can bring your model, build, chat, encourage and share advice with all aspects of military model making and collecting. 


The group is:

  • managed by the executive of HAMST with three members as sub-committee managers.

  • actively involved in assisting members with their model making skills.

  • are bound by the rules and constitution of HAMST.

  • are responsible for making, creating, displaying, and sharing all aspects of military models.

  • will liaise with similar minded groups and organizations to share skills and knowledge of military model making.

  • will provide military model displays for events conducted by HAMST.


If you enjoy making military models, exploring their history with like minded people, please contact one of the committee members, have a chat and live your  passion.



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