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HAMST Military Research Group

                                 Peter Carmichael    0409866351                 Alice Byrne       0418372732                     

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Aims - The Historical Arms & Military Society (HAMST) Military Research group is responsible for documenting, collating, researching and storing military information and artifacts for the benefit of the Society, and preserving our Tasmanian military history.

The group is:

  • Managed by the Executive of HAMST with three members as sub-committee managers.

  • Are actively involved in Military research for HAMST and invite members to become part of this sub-group.

  • Are bound by the rules and constitution of HAMST.

  • Are responsible for displaying, cataloguing and preserving HAMST literature, books and information.

  • Will liaise with similar like minded groups and organizations to provide historical tours or visits for the benefit of HAMST members.

  • Will receive donations of military history for cataloguing, researching and preservation.

  • Will provide displays or events of military literature or information to events conducted by HAMST.

  • Will document record and catalogue all assets owned and managed by HAMST.

  • Will conduct group meetings and invite members to attend. (TBA)

  • Will promote and work with the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) with research and preservation of military history. 


If members would like to be actively involved in this sub-group or have any historical military history that you would like to donate to HAMST to ensure our military history is preserved and displayed, please contact Peter.

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